Intensive Physiotherapy Programme

There is growing evidence to show that short bursts of intensive therapy can lead to improvements in functions such as walking, balance and use of the upper limb. 

This may benefit you if:

  • You have something specific you want to work on/achieve
  • You have had a recent admission to hospital
  • You haven’t had any therapy for a while but still have goals you’d like to achieve
  • There has been a recent change in your condition
The programme includes:
  •  A comprehensive assessment in your home- including appropriate measurements which will be repeated at the end of the programme  to monitor change (hopefully improvement)
  • Joint goal planning
  • 1-2 hour Physiotherapy sessions (depending on your exercise tolerance) in your home 5 days a week for 3-4 weeks
  • A detailed individualised exercise program to complement the therapy sessions and to continue with on completion of the programme

Please contact us for a free telephone consultation, to discuss your requirements and find out if this would be a good option for you. If you would like to do this programme the Physiotherapy sessions will be offered at a discounted rate.