Where will my assessment take place?

Assessments will be carried out in your own home. It is helpful to see you in your own environment and treatment can be specifically tailored to you.

I’m not sure Neurological Physiotherapy is right for me?

You are very welcome to contact me and discuss before committing to an initial assessment.

What will I need to wear?

Loose clothing and a vest top which can be easily rolled up is ideal. It may be necessary to remove some items of clothing for a more detailed assessment, however please let me know if you are not comfortable with this.

Can I refer myself?

Yes you can contact me yourself. If I need further details about your condition that you are unable to provide then I will ask your permission before contacting your GP

What will I need for my assessment?

You will be asked for details of your medical/surgical condition, it may be useful to have any scan results or operation notes to hand if these are available to you.